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Sri Kala Ranga's in-house dance productions are labors of love, not just of the instructor, but also more importantly, of the keen and bright-eyed young student.
Debuting in 2006 with Shree, an ode to Goddess Lakshmi, Sri Kala Ranga's second production was Pancha Bhoota Sthalam an offering to Lord Shiva.
It was at the Mani Mandapam of the Kapaleeswar temple that the students performed Shiva Arpanam, an entire maargam marking the 5th annual day celebrations of the school.
While Devi Mahatmyam was a production exclusively involving the senior students of the school performed in Jan of 2014 at Vani Mahal.
The students also performed at the prestigious Natyanjali Festival (2014) at Chidambaram.
In November 2014, the students presented Krsna, a thematic production bringing out the different stages of Lord Krishna to mark the 10-year celebrations of the school.
The school celebrated its 13th year with Skanda also known as Kanda, Kumara, Muruga, Subramanya, Karthikeya, Velava....many names, one manifestation; many manifestations, one energy! Energy that is knowledge, intellect, valour, courage, grace and compassion. Energy that can heal the world of all illnesses. Skanda was a prayer and an offering to heal the world. The presentation narrated the birth, childhood pranks, the essence of pranava mantra and the power of shakthivel. It concluded with the Soorasamharam.
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' A child sings before it speaks, dances
almost before it walks. Music is in our
hearts from the very beginning '

- Pamela Brown